Leadership Coaching

Energy + Leadership = Success

The most powerful leaders are able to inspire themselves and those around them into meaningful and sustainable action. Regardless of your title, you're already a leader. The question is: are you  leading by default or by design?  

Energy leadership  is a deep coaching process that teaches you how to  become conscious of how much positive energy you have available to accomplish whatever task you set out for yourself. 

Instead of focusing on your problems, energy leadership goes to the core energy  that's determining how you see the problem as well as the actions you take (or don't take) to find a solution. Although it hones traditional leadership skills like communication, emotional intelligence, inspiring others what makes energy leadership truly unique and powerful is that it:

  1. teaches you how to release the negative energy underlying limiting beliefs,  values that no longer serve you, and emotions like guilt, anger, shame and fear and it
  2. empowers you to focus positive energy on the things that actually matter to you

Although energy leadership coaching is not a quick fix, it is not uncommon to feel an energy shift after the first session.  Most people feel light somewhere in their bodies, either in the throat, chest or stomach area. Others feel space clearing in their heads. 

You know you’re getting results when you start noticing subtle – and sometimes more robust – differences in what you feel because you will act differently in terms of: 

· making decisions

· feeling comfortable expressing who you are without a mask

· communicating with confidence

· setting and safeguarding your boundaries

· letting your control freakiness work for you

Energy Leadership Coaching

"The more we take responsibility for the energy we bring to the world, the more empowered and productive we become."  

     -Jim Loehr, The Power of Full 


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